Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that the registration of electric vehicles in the Dubai’s Traffic System would require the existence of an accredited agent of such vehicles in the UAE. This requirement, which is put into effect from the beginning of this October, stems from RTA’s commitment to the safety of roads and users.

“Stipulating the existence of a local accredited agent of electric vehicles at the time of registration in the Dubai’s Traffic System is part of our commitment to realise RTA’s vision of Safe & Smooth & Transport for All,” said Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency.

“Such vehicles have highly sensitive electrical and chemical components that pose a risk to users, roads and pedestrians in case of lacking proper quality checks. Obviously, the availability of an accredited agent within the UAE will minimise these potential risks.”

“RTA has alerted all service suppliers, auto agents and technical testing personnel not to register an electric vehicle in the Traffic System of Dubai unless it is verified that such a vehicle has a UAE-based accredited agent,” added Al Ali.

RTA is holding training courses for examiners in collaboration with accredited auto agents in the UAE, which aim to familiarize personnel with the testing standards of electric and hygiene vehicles, which have been endorsed of late after consulting the world’s best practices.

RTA has reviewed models of several countries in this regard and developed a maturity index of these standards to ensure the pioneering role of Dubai in this regard.

RTA has recently held a workshop involving the participation of 66 individuals representing auto manufacturers, accredited testing centres in Dubai, and consultant companies in the UAE. The event aimed to review these standards and share knowledge, expertise and concepts. It also raised the public awareness and explained the future responsibilities of each party to ensure developing a successful plan.