Toyota Prius 2018 is one of Japan’s high-tech hybrid cars. The new model combines improved aerodynamics, superior control and comprehensive safety features, as well as a stylish interior designed to comfortably accommodate passengers. Toyota’s hybrid, to be a strong competitor in the car market.

Toyota Prius Design 

This model has been upgraded and added to the range. It has a sporty grid and front LED lights with fog lights at the bottom of the front bumper and others at the bottom of the rear bumper. The tires have an 18-inch sporty design and side mirrors with the same color as the body. It is also electrically operated and has a blind spot control function. On the rear bumper there is a rear view camera when moving back and 4 sensors to help align.

Toyota Prius 2018 engines

The Prius 2018 is available with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor to power a total of 121 hp at 5200 rpm and 105 lb-ft at 3600 rpm with CVT.

The Hybrids system in Prius 2018

The Hybrid combines an electric motor that delivers power at low speeds and a petrol engine that supports high-speed driving and improves control for both driving performance. In addition, the system allows the use of either a gasoline engine or an electric motor alone depending on driving conditions, while the generator charges the battery while driving.

Safety and security in Prius 2018

The Prius is equipped with SRS for the driver and front passenger, a knee-high knee cushion (for the driver’s seat), side airbags (front seats), curtain airbags (front and rear seats) and a rigid cabin With collapsible front and rear areas that can absorb shock energy in the event of a collision. The structure of the chassis is designed in such a way as to minimize pedestrian injuries in the event of accidents.

Advantages and additions of Prius 2018

Front lights with LED technology
Fog lights
18-inch rims
Side mirrors of the same color as the chassis and side by side as it is electrically operated and has a blind spot control
Rear view camera
Four sensor sensors to help align
Navigation screen with 6 speakers
Bluetooth feature to answer the phone
The front air-conditioner can be controlled automatically
Multi-use steering wheel
Anti-slip brakes
Brake Assist
The feature of maintaining the stability of the car on the roads

Prius Prices

Toyota Prius 2018 starts at AED 87,000 in the UAE market, where prices vary from country to country.

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