A Venezuelan driver, Valentina Tomazello, survived an accidental death during her participation in one of the street racing tournaments in the Dominican Republic.

During the race in Santa Fe, the Toyota Grand Prix, a terrible accident occurred after two drivers lost control of their cars. A red car collided with a blue one led by Tomazello.

Because of this collision, Tomazillo’s car hit a tree and the car split into two halves. Fortunately, the Venezuelan driver survived an accidental death. As soon as her car collided with the tree and split it into two halves, the driver flew out, landing on the red car, before falling to the ground unconsciously to be rushed to the nearest hospital.

“I’m fine, I was born again, do not worry, I have a crack in my right hand, but my health is stable,” Tomazello said in a video posted on her Twitter account in which she paid tribute to her fans.

Source: eurosport.ru