Schmitz 2010 Refrigerator Used For Sale in Dombasle sur Meurthe France

  • 2010
  • Automatic
  • Category: Refrigerator

  • Make: Schmitz

30040 USD

Dombasle sur Meurthe, France

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Offer Date : 2018-03-15

information about Schmitz

Auto Status: Used

Auto Own By: Second Hand

Side / front wall Intensified frontwall, Frontwall recess for coolingCarrier, Diesel/Electric, Operating hours Diesel: 1,154, Loading area (L W H): 13,410 mm x 2,460 mm x 2,650 mmTyre size: 385/65 R22.5, 1st axle: Tread depth: 15 mm / 15 mm, 2nd axle: Tread depth: 6 mm / 9 mm, 3rd axle: Tread depth: 16 mm / 15 mm, Air suspension, Pallet box, Fire extinguisher holder, Toolbox, Spare wheel carrier double, Bolted chassis, Barn doors, ISO partition wall without ventilators, Temperature recorder, Hubodometer, 2x7 pin plug, International customs seals, Telematics system: TrailerConnect, Disques de frein Essieu 1 reste 39,6mm Plaquettes 50% d'usure Disques de frein Essieu 2 reste 39,5mm Plaquettes 50% d'usure Disques de frein Essieu 3 reste 40,5mm Plaquettes 50% d'usure Mines : 06/2018 - ATP : 07/2019 -, **With our Value Added Services we can offer:**\\* TrailerPlus warranty for used trailer\\* individual financing solutions\\* full service contracts and telematic-services\\* provision of export registration plates /customs plates\\* organisation of export documents\\* vehicle preparation, new curtains, spare parts\\* delivery of your vehicle on the road or by sea\\Ask your CTS advisor for your individual, suitable offer. We would be glad to advise you personally!\\----Info number for requests: **9802527**----\\Please find an overview of all vehicles available on our website